iamKINGcarla (est. 1983)
I’m an asshole if I forget about @hellobosco. I’ve seen her rise while sitting in the nosebleed section. Congrats on NAMES getting $300K+ spins. #bestof #ATL #boscotheruler (repost from Bosco)
And of course I can’t fprget my own radio station (not really mine but my program, @artsxcraft, air on @ablradio). Love how the show gets a shout out every time ABL gets a write up. #bestof #ATL
Huge congratulations to @bittersoutherner. I am a HUGE fan of what they do. #bestof #ATL
We’re going to miss Flux this year but that’s cool. This just means next year is going to be even more stellar than than the previous ones. #bestof #ATL #fluxprojects
Woke up this morning to see this guy @seanfahie getting his due. Word. This dude is not to be played with. Don’t be fooled by his laugh. #theinfluencers #letterstolovers
In the end, the barber wasn’t finished yet but Adafa was done. Cheers to the first haircut. #vscocam
Almost done. By the time, the men of the shop were proud of the young one for not flipping out and being strong the entire time. 

"Dat boi dere doing real good!" #vscocam
Tools of the trade. Family photos on the wall. #vscocam
Cleaning it up. Still got curls for the girls and a face only a mom (and several hundred others) could love. #vscocam
Going a little lower but not too low. Still doing well. No tears. #vscocam